Ross’s birthday bag 2

Joker Bag, Just Because

My fingers hurt, but it is done!

A few more “ha ha”s would be nice, but I ran out of green thread and as I said my fingers are killing me.

I was also getting a little concerned about making too many holes in the bag with my awl, if I could have gotten the bag apart in a way I could repair it would have been a lot easier. Ah well.

Overall I think this went well. Ross certainly liked it, so I am happy.

Ross’s birthday bag

Joker Bag, Just Because

This week I have had to shift my focus from Hawkgirl to Ross’should birthday present. He has recently gotten a new managerial job, so he requires a new managerial bag. His old avengers bag is considerably knackered and somewhat juvenile.

The plan is to buy a good quality leather laptop bag and customise it to make it Ross appropriate.

His favourite colour is green which is unfortunate as no one else seems to want to wear it, especially not other men. So a green leather bag is out of the question. I have opted for a brown leather bag with green detailing. I would like to do reverse applique, which should be quite durable but I need a green pattern.

This is not easy, what kind of pattern can you apply to a man’s bag. Despite being overly comfortable with his masculinity I don’t see him liking a bag covered in anything overly decorative. So I am making a Joker themed bag.

I have found a minimalistic Joker design based on the animated series and I plan to add a load of “Ha Ha’s” in green. I may add a quote along the bottom: “If I weren’t crazy, I’d be insane”

So by the end of the day I have made a good start. The bag was better made than I had anticipated and was not worth taking apart so the applique was a struggle. I have opted to embroider the rest but it will take a while.

I shall keep you updated.